April 2, 2013


Today it's cold and when I say that I mean in my house.  When the workers left last night, they mentioned that the heating system was not working downstairs.  HOWEVER, we determined later after they had left that it wasn't working period.   The temperature in the house this morning - a balmy 54 degrees.  First thing I did was jump in the shower to get warm.  GUESS WHAT?  No hot water either.  Not a great start so far.  Good news is that when I left this morning for work they were working diligently to solve both issues.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I'm the kind of person who believes anything below 75 degrees is freezing.
In other news . . .
  • Sir T had his first outdoor soccer practice last night.  It was tough getting him there but when he got home at 9:30 he said it went well.  He has practice tonight and then again on Thursday.   
  • Sir K seems to be back to healthy status.  He was down with a stuffy nose and cough for about a week.  He is really into the t.v. series The Bible.  I love that he wants to watch it with me.  It's a special bonding moment for us (and it's good television for a change).
  • Lady E is doing well.  She had Daisies yesterday and they made a picture frame.  We didn't get to bring it home yet but I did get a sneak peak and it is beautiful. 
  • Lady A is awesome.  Last night as we were finishing up with the contractors, I had her downstairs coloring.  When we finally finished and I went back downstairs, Lady A had colored her face like a clown.  It was the funniest thing ever.  She was so proud of herself.  I freaked out at first, then laughed and then laughed again.  We let her parade around the house for quite awhile before I washed it off.  I couldn't help it, it made me smile.  The best part of all was it came off really easy.  She has such a funny personality.
  • Willy and I are still both under the weather.  I'm hoping we just have colds.  The granite guy came this morning to measure for the counter tops.  We ended up spending a tad more but we decided to put granite on these 2 little shelves on either side of the glass shower door.  I think that will be a nice touch.
That's about it.  We are moving along nicely.  I hope you are warm wherever you are.  Remember to count your blessings and I will catch up with you soon.



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