April 26, 2013

Finally Friday Forum

We have been so busy here at the ToddlerTown.  With the construction in overdrive and soccer just about every day of the week, it has been crazy.  
In other news . . . 
Sir T has been really busy with soccer these days.  The team practices 3 days a week with games on Sundays.  The team just got accepted for a tournament in Hershey, PA.  The ToddlerTown is SO excited because Hershey is one of our favorite places on earth.  We plan on turning the tournament into a mini-vacation for the family.  
Sir K is doing fantastic.  His First Communion is in 2 weeks.  I need to take him shopping for a new suit and tie.  I'm so proud of him and how hard he is working to really understand the sacrament.   He is also doing well in soccer.  His first game got rained out so we are really excited to watch him play this weekend.
Lady E is also really into soccer now.  She is still at the age that they don't keep score (BUT SHE DOES).  She is so competitive.  She actually gets really upset if the coach takes her out of the game for a break.  She scored a goal in her first game last week.  YAHOO for her.  
Lady A is doing fantastic as well.  I noticed the other day that her face is changing.  You know, the change from baby to little girl.  It's sad for me to watch her grow so fast.  She has been such a delight.  She fits in perfectly.
Willy is finally (I think) healthy.  The kids got their report cards the other day and all of them did a great job.   The remodel is coming along nicely.  As of today's date, they are done with the boy's bathroom (it looks fantastic) and they are shifting into high gear to get the other two bathrooms finished.  They say they will be done by next Friday but I'm not sure that's possible.  It would be great but again, not sure if it's possible.  The team that comes every day is so nice and helpful.  I will say, as much as we love them, I'm looking forward to them completely the project.  It's just starting to get old.  I feel like I have been camping for weeks now (and I'm not a big camper).
That's about it.  Have a wonderful weekend and I will catch up with you soon.


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