December 18, 2012

Daily Dose of Divine

If you have followed along with me for the past year and a half you know I've been struggling to figure out what I'm doing here.  God knows I wish I had some talent to share.  I love looking at Pinterest and reading all the cool blogs out there about decorating, dressing, cooking, etc.  Man how I wish I could coordinate an outfit (skirt/pants, matching top, accessories, etc.), decorate a room (down to the bric-a-brac), or hell I would even settle on being a halfway decent cook but sadly I've got nothing.
So I thought maybe I would pass along a beautiful Scripture once in a while.  One that means something to me and hopefully helps you along the way.  The Bible I have is my middle school Bible from my days at the Christian School.  It's the King James Version and because it's such a part of my upbringing it gives me great comfort.  I even have some notes in the margins that I love to look at and just remember.  So, without further ado, here is my first segment of Daily Dose of Divine.  The Scripture that I turn to the most is:
Luke 1:37
For with God nothing shall be impossible


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Anna See said...

Thanks, Kate. You know I love that scripture. xoxo