November 19, 2012

What's Happened to this Place

One of my (very few) favorite childhood memories comes from Hostess.   I remember like it was yesterday (and it was REALLY way more than yesterday) sitting in the cafeteria at my elementary school and enjoying a Twinkie, Ho-Ho, or cupcake pretty much every day of the week.  I can't even pick which one of those was my favorite because I loved all of them equally.
I have to admit, I haven't bought anything from Hostess in years.  Maybe I didn't want to damage the memory of how great they tasted.  Not sure what my 40-something year old palate would think these days.  Now they are filing for bankruptcy!!!!  What is this world coming too?   AND RIGHT BEFORE THANKSGIVING.   Good Grief!!!!!
I hope we can all find something equally as sweet to enjoy.  Have a good day.   


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