November 6, 2012

Emergency Room Calling

I mentioned in my previous post that we had a quick trip to the ER the other night.  Well, here's how it went down. 
My birthday was last week.  I really didn't want anything for my birthday since we had made that quick trip to Vegas with our best friends the week before (God knows that was WAY enough); however, Willy surprised me Saturday night with a date night dinner at Bazin's on Church (I love that place).  He had arranged the babysitter and everything.  It was really a nice unexpected treat.
We had a wonderful time.  If you have never been to Bazin's you have to go.  The food and atmosphere are just lovely.  Anyway, when we got home much to our surprise all the kids were still up.  As we settled up with the babysitter, Sir T was running around the kitchen like a crazy monster (can you say sleep deprivation).  Anyway, we heard a boom and then nothing.  Just a short minute later, Sir T came barrelling around the corner bleeding everywhere.  Of course, I remained calm and collected - NOT.  I went into panic mode.  I'm not good when it comes to accidents.  Give me a poopy diaper, a splinter, etc. any day but accidents you really don't want me on your side.  Anyway, he came barrelling around the corner screaming bloody murder.  He had cut his little toe on a medal piece of the base board heating system that runs thorough out our house (never liked that heating system).
Anyway, after we got it all cleaned up (GROSS), we determined that it was deep enough to have a doctor look at it.  So off Willy went with my little big man.  He was actually a real trooper.  The ER doctor said because of the location of the wound (right under his little toe), he didn't recommend stitches.  So they bandaged it up and they were home within 2 hours. 
We are keeping a close eye on it and I have been washing it regularly.  It seems to be healing nicely.  We pulled him from soccer for 10 days just to be on the safe side.  It's been almost a complete 3 days and he finally got a shoe on today.  Thank God for the 4 day weekend we are in the middle of because he probably would have missed school at least one of the days.
So that's it.  Not too bad on the scale of life.  I definitely did a count of my blessings and am so thankful that it wasn't that bad.  No nerve damage thank goodness.   

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Anna See said...

i'm so grateful it wasn't much worse! and bazin's? yummy!