September 7, 2012

Finally Friday Forum

Hi everyone.  I hope your week is going well.  Here at the ToddlerTown, we are wrapping up our first week of school.  I REALLY don't want to jinx myself but everything seemed to run smoothly. 

As I do each year at this time, I sat Willy down last week and gave him the HOT MESS speech.  This is the speech I give each year right before school starts.  It begins "I am going to be out of my mind for the next few weeks for the following reasons. . .."   I explain how my emotions will be like a yo-yo.  I will loose my mind on several occasions over sandwich baggies, hair clips, and school paperwork.  I will be crying every morning when the kids get on the bus and then again when they get off the bus in the afternoon.  I will start screaming from the rafters after the 30th time I have asked them to go to bed BUT then cry in the morning watching them sleep so peacefully.  I will be running to the store every day after work to pick up extra milk, fruits and snacks for lunches and I will lay in a catatonic  state each night when the house goes quiet (please do not disturb for ANY reason if you know what I mean).  This way of life will remain in effect until I get into a GROOVE and of course WILL BE EFFECTING YOU IN MANY WAYS!!!!!

So what happened?  Why no crying spells? (ok I still cry at the getting on and off the bus part).  Why no crazy fits (ok I did have a crazy fit when Sir T walked right up onto me and chipped my toenail this morning).  Have I matured?  Have I overcome all my crazy rages? 

Time will tell of course.  It could just be that ALL the activities we are partaking in this school year don't start until next week.  See, next week is the begining of cheerleading, sports camps, soccer practices, religious education, daisy meetings, etc.

I'll keep you posted.  Have a fabulous weekend.  I will be sitting on several sidelines watching Sir T and Sir K play their first games of the season.  I'm so excited (until I can't find soccer socks and my whole world crashes down - hey, I'm a realist).

Count your blessings and I'll catch up with you soon.

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Anna See said...

i can relate. too much paper! off to buy more baggies today. already out of lunch ideas. xo