August 10, 2012

Finally Friday Forum

Hi everyone.  I hope you are bringing your week to a close in Olympic fashion (yes, I'm still addicted).  I watched and enjoyed so many incredible moments throughout these past two weeks.  One of my personal favorites was when Misty and Kerri won the Gold in Beach Volleyball.  I played volleyball a lot in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade and fell in love with the sport so to watch these two girls accomplish all that they set out to do was so inspiring.   WAY TO GO TEAM USA!!!!

On the family front, the kids are all happy, healthy and doing well.  I plan on spending the weekend getting caught up on all the chores I have been neglecting for the last two weeks (and there's A LOT of catching up to do believe me) and Willy will be tinkering with yard work and a few small projects around the house.

On a happy note, we are nearing completion of a home improvement project that started earlier this week and is almost completed.   I can't wait to post pictures.  We are very happy with the results.

AND finally our vacation is officially on the radar.  It's really hard to sit all summer and watch our friends and co-workers leave and come back from their vacations all tan and rested.  It can wear you down after awhile.  SO we are very excited about it finally being the ToddlerTown's turn.  I am truly looking forward to doing nothing, hanging out with my sisters and watching our kids play together, and just appreciating life and all that we have. 

I hope you have fabulous weekend plans on your radar.  Stay safe and count your blessings when you have a minute.  I'll catch up with you soon.


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LittleMe&Three said...

I watched the Olympics too. I'm sad to see it end.