July 14, 2012

Way Back When . . .

While running errands this morning, we stumbled across an open house in the area and well, we did what we do best.  Took a lookie-see.  I'll post what we saw shortly.

After the tour and the errands were all done, we stumbled on this little nugget for sale on the side of the road:

1978 VW Super Beetle
Too cute!!!!

This car took me back to my first car.  My first car was a 1971 VW Bug.  It was blue and not a convertible but when I got behind the wheel, all those fun memories came back to me.  I was like an 18 year old girl with the world at my feet.

Oddly, Willy actually took a shine to this baby.  Did we buy it?  Stay tuned . . .


1 comment:

Carson Wininger said...

That is one adorable vehicle! I do remember my first auto, which is also a Beetle. It was a hand-me-down car from my dad. I only used it for a few years, but the memories brought by that vehicle are priceless.