July 9, 2012

Monday Morning Mayhem

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!  I hope your weekend was filled with family and friends.  Here are a few of the ups and downs of the weekend:

We had a great day at the pool on Saturday.  For years now the pool has been a high stress factor for me (and therefore stressful for Willy).   With 4 small kids (all at different levels of ability) it was always a job to go to the pool.  But now, things are coming together.  The boys are basically self-sufficient in the water now and Lady E is really coming on strong.  Of course Lady A still needs constant attention but she loves just floating in the water watching her sister swim.   Willy and I now have a few minutes here and there to actually talk or God forbid relax in a pool chair for a second.  We are not at the read a book level but it's definitely getting easier with each year. 

We had a birthday pool party to attend on Sunday.  The weather was perfect and their pool was great for our family.  It had a huge shallow end where all the kids (including Lady A) could play.  This gave Willy and I time to actually socialize with friends.  It was a very nice get together.

Now the downs.  I think I got sunburned on my lips.  Anyone know any home remedies?  It hurts like CRAZY. 

Sir T and K are becoming addicted to a video game called Minecraft.  At first it seemed innocent but now it is getting out of hand.  I love that they are doing something together and laughing/bonding but it's consuming all their free time.  Just this weekend we finally put some parental controls on the game.  The limit is now set for 2 hours a day.  Let's see how this goes.

I have been in a rut for a few weeks now.  I get this way from time to time.  I just feel like I am spinning my wheels and not really accomplishing anything in life.  I have a great desire to rent an RV and drive to St. Louis just to catch a Cardinals game.  I checked out the pricing and of course it's ridiculous and we can't fly -- way too expensive for a small getaway.  I keep having all these crazy ideas about doing something spontaneous and then well -- I go to bed and wake up for work and another "ordinary" day.  Is it wrong to want to do something crazy once in awhile? 

I'll come out of it soon (I always do).  I just hate the feeling.  Have a great week everyone.  Hope you don't feel like you're spinning wheels/in a rut.  I'll go count my blessings and everything will fall back into place.  Enjoy!!!!


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