May 16, 2012

Happy Wednesday With A Status Check

Hi Everyone.  I hope your week is shaping up nicely.  Mine is steady and manageable.  We have, of course, had soccer every night so far but it's been workable.  I dropped the soccer carpool off at practice last night and then scooted over to the store to pick up Prince Willy's Father's Day gift.  It turned out fantastic.  I'm really excited.  I sure hope I can keep it a secret until June 17th.   I'm pretty proud of myself for being ahead of the curve on Father's Day.  I don't usually get things done so efficiently -- you know the 4 kids-thingy!!! 

I just realized this morning that I have been blogging for 9 months now.  Does that mean I'm due for a blog baby?  To be honest, I'm not sure how it's going.  How do you gauge?  I have roughly 60 virtual friends now and over 9,000 hits on the site.  So far it doesn't appear that I have too much to offer the BLOG WORLD. I'm not really crafty, I don't cook well, my baking skills are worse than my  cooking skills and my life is ordinary (in a good way).  But here's the thing -- I have come to really look forward to reading my virtual friend's blogs each morning and following along in their worlds.

Shortly after I started blogging, I met Anna at An Inch of Gray.  I have written several times about Anna and her family.  Her son Jack was playing too close to a swollen creek and was tragically swept away back in September.  I have never met Anna (I had a shot last weekend and I blew it) but she is an important person in my life now.   I feel a connection to her in a way I can't describe.  I think it's because we share the gift of motherhood and therefore she and I are bonded together.  So it's understandable that I ache for my friend and want to be there for her to lean on whenever she needs it.

I also have been following along with my new friend Kim over at Southern Savvy Style.  I check her site several times a day because well she's awesome.  She can do things that I only wish I could do.  She is always coming up with new styling tips and I have even tried one or two and they worked for me (shocker, right?).  Again, I feel a connection to her.  She's like that friend you have that always has the best way to do things. 

Then there is my new friend Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch.  Besides just loving the name of her blog, she is really nice and crafty too.  She is responsible for my beautiful front door creation.   I'm embarrassed to say but I just downright copied her ideas for my front door.  Can you believe she even featured me on her site?  How cool is that?  I was over the moon when I saw it.

I also keep up with Elizabeth at E, Myself & I.  She is a new mom and I love reading how she is adjusting to motherhood.  She's doing a fantastic job and I just love her weekly Midweek Confessions.  You have to try it. 

There are so many others that I check in with daily to see how they are doing.  I love that I have this little virtual world going on.  It's really fun and I feel like I have a ton of new friends.  That's a nice feeling. 

Well that's about it for this Wednesday.  If you have never checked out the above sites, you should but be careful -- you will definitely get hooked. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.  Count your blessings whenever you have a minute and I'll catch up with you soon.



The Bipolar Diva said...

I love the virtual connections that are made via blogging. I know Anna as well. I think I feel a connection to her because my grandson tragically died. She's great.
Just keep it up and you'll be up and running in no time! You do have lots to offer to blog land :)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Hi Kate,
Happy 9th month! Can I give you some unsolicited advice... If you love blogging the numbers don't matter. Just do it! You are a busy and loving Mom and that is where your priorities are... and you are soooo right!
Just blog and tell your story!Someday your great great grandchildren will be able to see this... and know you and hear your voice from what you are saying on your blog! What a great thought, huh?

One thing I love about blogging is meeting so many wonderful people, like you and learning from them.

Just be yourself... there is nothing ordinary about a "Pincess"!

Mrs. E said...

You have 4 kids?! You mean you're really not Kate and William of English Royalty?? ;) Happy 9 months! Love discovering your blog.