March 26, 2012

May Monday Be With You

Happy Monday Everyone!!!  I hope your weekend was filled with fun, smiles and warm weather.  We were very busy with soccer this weekend.  Saturday we had 2 games in the pouring rain and we lost both.  On Sunday we had 2 more games.  The weather was definitely better (even saw the sun a bit) and we went 1 for 2.  So we finished the tournament 1 win, 3 losses.  Sounds awful, right?  Nope, Sir T played his heart out.  We were SO proud of his efforts.  We always tell him to play his best and nothing else matters and BOY DID HE GIVE IT ALL HE HAD.

The best part of the weekend was the Star Wars Bedroom FINAL reveal.  They have been watching this room transform over the last few months (hey, I have 4 kids.  It takes me awhile to get anything done around here) but they finally got to see it in it's final form.  

I put together this little board to show my vision.

I sure wish I had a better camera (might want to add that to my bucket list, huh?) because the pictures don't really do this room justice.  It's really a beautiful room.  So, here goes . . .
Pottery Barn Kids Rug -- thick and beautiful

I found these lamps at a yard sale for $20.00 each -- what a steal
Darth Vader Clock - Target Clearance $9.99

I found this on Craigslist for $15.00 -- fits in perfectly

Splurged on the art work but I do love it - $29.00 for 4 prints
Baskets $15.00 each

And Finally - - ALL TOGETHER

I just framed 2 Star Wars posters to go over the bed
K-mart $1.99 each /Poster Frames $15.00 each at Michaels
I'm so proud of this room for 2 reasons.  First, we did it all ourselves.  Willy and I did all the painting and we hung the ceiling fan together (whenever Willy and I do a project and can complete it without divorce -- it's a HUGE SUCCESS).  But most importantly, the boys love it.  They gave me the biggest smiles and hugs AND that's what it's all about.   

I highly recommend the Benjamin Moore Bachelor Blue (#1629).  It really is a gorgeous paint color.  The Pottery Barn Kids bedding is just great.  Really nice quality and very durable.  I have never really been a "theme" person but I will say I love that the boys love it and I know they will always remember the Star Wars Room.

Thanks for letting me share our creation.   It's really my first start to finish project that I am totally satisfied with.

I hope your week goes great with tons of smiles and hugs.  Remember to count your blessings and I'll see you soon.


Carla Aston said...

Kate, you've created such a wonderful room here. It's a perfect color, not too blue or too gray, and works so well with the warm wood furniture. Fun, yet it has lots of longevity.

Anonymous said...

Job well done. This is a great boys room!

Ann @ Suburban Prairie Homemaker said...

How cool is that! I want that R2D2 rug for myself!

Calypso In The Country said...

I LOVE the room! It can be so hard to decorate boys's rooms. (I am having a hard time with my 8 year old's room at the moment!) You really did a great job and I love the color. Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment about my friend!

Eleni Poulakou said...

Making the little guys happy is all that counts, really!
Of course you should be proud of finishing such a project by yourself -- and congratulations for not getting divorced afterwards! lol

Seeing you around on Inspire Me Mondays :)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Very Cool! Both of my boys would love this room!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

This looks amazing! I am looking forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Visiting you from Wow Us Wednesday

Emilee said...

Awesome room! Great touch with the art work... expensive but totally worth it!

Found you from The Shabby nest link up!
New Follower!