March 13, 2012

Happy Tuesday With A Status Check

Hi everyone.  Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was o.k. (hey they ALL can't be great)  We didn't have too much going on in the way of activities so it wasn't a mad race like it normally is but it just wasn't the greatest for me (just being honest).

Friday night we did the Stations of the Cross Pizza Party at the church and surprisingly it went great.  Sir T, K and Lady E actually found it interesting and Lady A read quietly in the pew and did fantastic.  It was a nice evening for all of us.

Lady E and daddy had their Father/Daughter Dance on Saturday night which went fabulous.  Lady E let me do her hair in an up-do and her dress was perfect.  Great night all around.

Willy had time to get the lanterns up on Sunday and I am over the moon with how it looks.  As you know we went with the Walpole Woodworkers Old Colony Side Mount Lantern and I am glad we did.  It's a very nice look.  So, here is the big reveal:

Of course I didn't get a before (hey, I'm still new at this)

Here is one with the light on:

It's so traditional looking - love it!!!!

Here are a few with everything:

Still madly in love with the front door

Love the combination black shutters/red door

At night time it's really pretty from the street

Thanks again to Between Naps on the Porch for her inspiration.  If you haven't been to Susan's site -- get there it's FANTASTIC.  Of course, once we got the lanterns up, I started dreaming about a matching lamp post (it never ends). 

The rest of the week is filled with RE Classes, tons of soccer, and some final party preparations for a birthday on Saturday.  That's right, Sir K turns 7 on St. Patrick's Day.  I'm so excited.  We are doing a party at Chuck E. Cheese (hey, it's what he wanted).  Last year we basically did the same thing and it worked out perfectly.  I'm not a BIG fan of Chuck E. but I will say we did the party on a Thursday night last year around 7:00 and the place was empty, service was great, and above all else it was VERY clean.  I can't believe it's been 7 years since I first looked into his beautiful brown eyes.  Love me some Sir K.

Anyway, have a fantastic rest of the week and remember to count your blessings.  


chateau chic said...

Beautiful lanterns by your front door. You're right, it never ends because we are constantly inspired with more wonderful ideas! :-)
Thanks for stopping by and I'm delighted to be a new follower.
Mary Alice

Kim said...

I'm also a new follower. Thanks for your visit this morning and your sweet comment. I'm happy to be following you back. You have a delightful blog. Love the lanterns!

Designs by Gollum said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Have a great weekend!

Sweetladyelaine said...

Your lanterns are beautiful! They really show off your front door! I too am always dreaming...I think its good! It shows we care aabout our houses.
Blessings My Friend,

Carla Aston said...

Your lanterns look great, especially with the red door. Good choice!

Anonymous said...

That's really an elegant entrance.

The lantern is stunning too. So welcoming.


Anonymous said...
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Becca Nelson said...

Beautiful lanterns! Love the front door too. Looks great!

Susan Herin said...

Kate, I just saw this! Your door turned out beautifully! Love your lanterns!