February 15, 2012

Why Are You Pinterested In Me?????

I'm not a computer-savvy girl. Like I just don't have the time to surf the net, dude. Sure I dabble a little in online shopping (especially around the holidays), I can check my emails, I have a Facebook page and on occasion you can catch me Angry Birding-it whenever one of the kids leaves the game on.

But about a week or so ago curiosity finally got the best of me.  I typed PINTEREST.COM into the google search box. Once I got past the 3-day waiting period to be accepted into this elite group (I guess they had to do an extensive background check on me), I started poking around.  I created a few boards, pinned a few items and logged off.  I haven't been back since. 

Shockingly, this morning when I checked Hotmail, my box was full of emails telling me that people are following me.  Who the hell wants to follow me?  More importantly follow me where? 

Here's a little tidbit of information for all you followers/stalkers:  



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