October 30, 2011

Cox Farms in Chantilly, Virginia

It's that time of year again. It is the family's annual trip to Cox Farms (http://www.coxfarms.com/) for our pumpkin day extravaganza. This is by far one of our most favorite trips. The cost is a bit high. The price to get in is $9.00/per person (weekdays) or $15.00/per person (weekends). Kids under 2 are free. You have to pay for snacks and food once you are inside the Farm but all the attractions are free.

We tried one year to go on a weekend and it was a nightmare because of the crowds. Our small children had to wait quite awhile for an attraction and anyone with small kids knows - little ones don't like to wait. So we now pull the kids out of school on a weekday about 2 hours early and go when there is basically no one there. It makes the experience really nice.

The first order of business when we enter the park is Prince William quietly disappears to the snack bar for the biggest bag of Kettle Corn he can find. We love us some Kettle Corn. That's our family snack as we walk around. It's Yummy!!!

They have tons of slides with different themes, a hayride, corn maze, live animals and tons of play areas for the kids. Sir T loves the Volcano slide; Sir K loves the Dinosaur slide, and Lady E and A love the Barn slide. The boys really enjoy swinging on the rope swings and the girls seem to love the live animals and the themed play areas throughout the Farm.

But one thing we all agree on is the Hayride. We really have a great time as a family on this ride. They take you through the woods and the tractor operator tells tales and stories to get you into it. They have a stop where they play Star Wars music and aliens come out and give high-fives. That's a bonus for the boys. They also take you threw an old barn with loud music and bubbles. The girls go crazy for this.

On your way out of the park each paying customer gets a small pumpkin for free. The kids love picking out their favorite one. We then let the kids pick out their carving pumpkins. This is a bit on the expensive side. It's roughly $11.00-$15.00 for an average sized pumpkin. Then you go through their little shop. I always have to get a pumpkin pie. The price is $15.99 but our family always eats the entire pie when we get home. It's a nice ending.

PROS: We always have a fantastic time. The kids love it. The attactions are for every age and the kettle corn is a must. They have a nice snack bar where you can get hamburgers/hot dogs, etc. The food is good but pricey. They have live music which is always good and the employees are always friendly. Don't forget your camera. They have great picture spots throughout the Farms where you can do photo-ops with the family.

CONS: I guess I would say the prices. Seems a bit high to pay $15.00+ for a pumpkin. I absolutely love the pumpkin pie so I always get it but $15.99 for pie seems a bit much. The crowd can also be an issue. We decided a few years back to go on a weekday so if that is a possibility for you, I think it's a great option.

OVERALL: We recommend this place if you live in the area. It's a great place to spend a few beautiful Fall hours. Go on a nice weather day and try to do it on a weekday. You could definitely bring snacks and juices for the kids and by-pass the slightly high-priced snack bar.

TOTAL COST: The total cost for a family of 6 was roughly $100.00.

If you go, tell us what you think

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