September 29, 2011

Medieval Times in Hanover, Maryland

We recently went to Medieval Times in Hanover, Maryland (   I'm not going to lie and say it wasn't expensive.  If you are paying for 4 or more people, the price does drop to $35.00 a person (we didn't have to pay for the 22 month old which was great).  The $35 got each of us a fairly decent helping of oven roasted chicken, a spare rib, a piece of garlic bread, a bowl of tomato bisque soup, potato wedges, dessert and water or ice tea.

Prince William and I thought the show was spectacular.   The horses are gorgeous and fun to watch.  The horses were actually doing tricks we had never seen before.  Each section of the audience roots on their own knight (we got the green knight - Sir K's favorite color.  Bonus).  All our children were entertained the entire show.  They have great audience participation.  The food is served during the show so it keeps everyone busy.  Tons of excitement for the whole family.

PROS:  What an adventure.  The kids loved it.  The storyline was easy to follow which kept our kids very entertained.  The food was plentiful and pretty decent tasting.  Great audience interaction.  A knight threw a red rose at Lady E.  She loved that.   We also took part in "Knight Training" which the kids loved.  For free (yes I said free), the kids can go into the arena before the show starts and some of the knights from the show teach them a few knight moves.  Big hit with the kids.

CONS:  They said to arrive 90 minutes before (so we did).  Totally not necessary.  I was afraid that it was general admission so I made Prince William get us there early so we could get good seats.  Turns out its assigned seating.  They have a great marketing ploy - tell you to be there 90 minutes beforehand and make you wait around in an area that is just a big "gift shop" trap.  So ended up spending quite a lot on souvenirs (4 x $22.00 basically) (how could I not.  We were surrounded by toys and gifts for 90 minutes straight).  They take pictures of you when you arrive, as you are walking around the waiting area and while you are enjoying the show then they try and sell them to you throughout the night.  You guessed it, I bought one (another $20.00 there).   Each meal comes with water or ice tea so if your child (or you) want anything besides that, you guessed it, it's extra.  And don't forget about the tip.  By the time the event was over both Prince William and I were dime-less!!!!  We ended up having to charge on a credit card the tip.  So keep that in mind.

OVERALL:  We recommend it.  Truly a nice outing.  The kids are still talking about it weeks later.  From start to finish, it’s about a 3 hour outing (depending on travel).  Somewhat expensive but a good time was had by all.  Maybe bring a few snacks and juice boxes to supplement your wait.  The more tickets you buy the more the price drops so keep that in mind too.

TOTAL COST:  The total cost for a family of 6 was roughly $300.00.   

If you go, tell us what you think

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Maggie said...

What a great idea! We have these traveling through our city once in a while and haven't thought to actually do it. Works really well with kids, though spending 90 minutes in a gift shop with them should earn you a gold star!