August 16, 2011

Cruise in Annapolis, Maryland

Last week we ventured out again.  This time we took the kids to Annapolis Maryland for a cruise.  We got the idea from watching Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel (  Prince William is a huge fan of Adam and a few weeks ago we watched the episode where Adam goes to Chick N Ruths ( and tries to down a 6 pound milkshake (which he did).  We thought it would be fun to go as a family and tackle the milkshake (as a team of 6).  So we checked out other attractions around the restaurant and found a water cruise ( 

We got over to the ticket kiosk which is located right on the dock near the boat and bought the tickets first.  Then strolled around the area taking pictures and walking around the Campus of the United States Naval Academy (   We boarded the cruise with no trouble at all and got great seats.    We opted to stay underneath near the snack bar and then made our way to the top once we got underway (worked out great).  They even have picnic tables to sit while on the cruise. 

After the cruise, we walked down to Chick N Ruths.  The line was out the door.  It took a little time for them to accommodate a family of 6 but the wait was only about 15 minutes (not bad).  I have to say, the food was really good.  We did a strawberry/chocolate 6-pounder (WHICH WE FINISHED WITH PRIDE).  We also enjoyed a crabcake snack and a few ham and cheese sandwiches for the children. 

PROS:  Weather is the key.  The day we went, the weather was absolutely perfect.  So definitely check the weather.  I thought the prices were extremely reasonable.  For the cruise, adults were $13.00 a person and the kids (3-11) were $5.00 each (again the 22 month old was free - Prince William was loving that).    We did the 40 minute cruise.  I think anything more would have been too much for the kids.  They take you around the U.S. Naval Academy Campus (which is gorgeous and educational).  There is a snack bar on the cruise which was a big hit.  We got everyone a small treat and that occupied some of the time. 

I have to say Chick N Ruths is a must.  The milkshake is a huge hit for the kids and I'm not going to lie, it was the best milkshake I have had in years.  The crabcakes were delicious.  They even ship them (I have thought about that option every day since we went).  The owner told us they have been packed since the episode aired so if I complained about anything it would be the wait but that looks like it's not a regular problem.

CONS:   Can't think of anything.  Our experience was perfect.  Just watch the weather and maybe allot for extra time on finding parking.  Moms - be prepared to be a little worried.  Just having 4 small ones hanging on the rail of a boat did give me a few gray hairs (but so worth it)

OVERALL:  Absolutely yes.  Pick a day that has gorgeous weather and you will not be disappointed.

TOTAL COST:  The total cost for a family of 6 was roughly under $110.00.  The cruise was $41.00 with a few bucks for snacks on board.  Chick N Ruths was, I thought, reasonable.  $16.50 for the milkshake (I mean come on it's 6 pounds of ice cream).  The crabcakes were around $13.00 and the sandwiches were roughly $7.00 each.  We had to pay for parking (another $10.00) 

If you go, tell us what you think

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